Aviation Industry Association

Aviation NZ members provide fixed and rotary wing services for land and sea search and rescue operations including most beacon searches.


Aviation New Zealand is the leading commercial general aviation industry association in NZ with members exceeding 300.

SAR Role

Several Aviation NZ members are in the Air Rescue/Air Ambulance section which provides assets in the form of fixed wing and rotary wing services to assist in search and rescue operations over land and coastal areas of the New Zealand search and rescue region.

Aviation NZ members provide SAR services for the Rescue Co-ordination Centre during most beacon searches and with specialised systems based at Taupo, Auckland, Dunedin and Hastings they assist in the event of searches off the coast.

In addition, many emergencies off the coast which may be outside of the range of the Coastguard, are also responded to by Aviation NZ members. These types of incidents include instances of sick or injured seamen located on commercial vessels operating in the expansive marine areas surrounding our country. Many land based searches also utilise the helicopters of Aviation NZ members to assist in transportation of SAR resources as well as retrieval of victims.



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Tuesday, May 26, 2020