Federation of Commercial Fishermen

The New Zealand Federation of Commercial Fishermen is a national body that represents the interests of owner-operator commercial fishermen in New Zealand.


The Federation represents members' interests at national, regional and local association levels and, where appropriate, on an individual basis.

Members have been at the forefront of promoting the 'New Zealandisation' of the New Zealand Fishing Industry and as such they have increasingly invested in larger and more modern vessels which have assisted in providing more jobs for New Zealanders both afloat and ashore. 

Originating in the South Island in 1958, The Federation spread to the North Island shortly after. It is now an Incorporated Society currently representing more than 350 members from 27 Port Associations at ports throughout New Zealand.

SAR Role

The SAR Coordinating Authorities are able to call on local fishing vessels to assist during marine SAR operations.



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