Land Search and Rescue

New Zealand Land Search and Rescue (LandSAR) is a volunteer organisation which provides land search and rescue services to lost, missing and injured all over New Zealand.


LandSAR has over 3,500 trained Search and Rescue (SAR) volunteers, who are members of 60 local
groups covering the length and breadth of New Zealand. There are also specialist teams such
as LandSAR Search Dogs, LandSAR Caving, Alpine Cliff Rescue and Swift Water Rescue who operate
on a local level where there is a requirement for these specialist skills.


SAR Role

LandSAR provides trained volunteers to assist the two SAR coordinating authorities, the New
Zealand Police and The Rescue Coordination Centre (RCCNZ). Support services include search parties
with SAR specialist field skills, communications personnel and incident management members. New LandSAR members are trained in SAR specific skills such as modern search techniques, outdoor first
aid and tracking. This, together with regular revision and practice, ensures that effective trained
people who have a strong commitment to LandSAR are put into the field on operations.

LandSAR works in partnership with the WanderSearch NZ Charitable Trust to provide guidance,
support and training to groups throughout New Zealand managing the Safer Walking programme.


Websites this is the main website for LandSAR New Zealand this is the national website for Wander Search in New Zealand this is the website for LandSAR's search dogs

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