Land Search and Rescue

Land Search and Rescue (LandSAR) is a national volunteer organisation within New Zealand providing Land Search & Rescue Services to the Police and public of New Zealand.


LandSAR is an organisation which has over 2,500 trained Search & Rescue volunteers, who are members of 54 Land Search & Rescue groups, organised into seven regions, covering the length and breadth of New Zealand; and two national specialist groups – LandSAR Search Dogs and LandSAR Caving. Other specialist groups such as Alpine Cliff Rescue and Swift Water Rescue operate on a local level where there is a requirement for these specialist skills.

SAR Role

LandSAR assist Police in suburban/urban and wilderness/rural search & rescue operations, underground search & rescue operations in caves or other natural underground areas, shoreline Search & Rescue operations linked to marine incidents, and other agreed Search & Rescue operations.

LandSAR has a full time Chief Executive Officer and a National Training Coordinator based in Wellington, and four field officers, two for each island. The rest of the organisation is maintained by volunteers.

Websites this is the main website for LandSAR New Zealand this is the website for LandSAR's search dogs


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