Royal New Zealand Coastguard

Coastguard New Zealand operates from a network of 67 affiliated units, strategically located around the coastline and major lakes of New Zealand. These units have all been established by a concerned community, usually after a local boating tragedy.


Coastguard New Zealand is a volunteer organization with charitable status. It is a self funded and operates on contributions from sponsorship, fundraising and the network of community and gaming trusts around New Zealand.

Coastguard membership comprises approximately 2,500 dedicated active volunteers and 12,000 supporter members. There are currently 75 dedicated rescue vessels in the Coastguard fleet and Coastguard has access to aeroclub aircraft at 9 locations from Kerikeri to Invercargill. In addition to these, Coastguard still uses a number of privately owned rescue vessels in some parts of the country. 

Every year the Coastguard network of radio operators answer hundreds of thousands of calls for help or assistance and on average, over 5000 people are assisted. The work performed by Coastguard has resulted in a number of lives saved and millions of dollars worth of boats and equipment salvaged.

In addition to Search and Rescue, Coastguard also provides a Boating Education Service which delivers a variety of boating safety courses to the New Zealand public.

It is only through better education, that people will learn to respect the water and know what to do if an emergency occurs. A number of non emergency services are also provided, such as the presence of safety boats at marine events and a national radio network. This network provides marine weather information and local marine communications services.

SAR Role

Coastguard New Zealand provides New Zealand's primary maritime Search and Rescue service. 




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