Surf Life Saving New Zealand

Surf Life Saving is the leading water safety organisation in New Zealand. It has been providing Surf Lifesaving services to New Zealand communities for nearly 100 years. 


Surf Life Saving New Zealand (SLSNZ) is the National Association representing the nine Districts and seventy one Surf Life Saving Clubs. Nearly 13,000 people are members of SLSNZ.

Surf Life Saving is both a sport and a community service. Its business is very broad and programmes are diverse. SLSNZ's income is $6m a year derived from sponsorship, gaming machine grants and The NZ Lottery Grants Board.

The organisations total income (New Zealand Districts and Clubs) is approximately $13m. SLSNZ does not charge a national membership levy, instead providing programmes and distributing over $2m each year. 

SAR Role

Each day SLSNZ beach patrols set out the red and yellow flags to show the safest place to swim. They train new Surf Lifeguard’s how to identify potential victims and potential dangers. They work with the public to prevent people getting in trouble, first. Last summer SLSNZ performed over 100,000 preventative actions during 155,000 hours of beach patrols.


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Tuesday, May 26, 2020