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NZSAR Secretariat

The New Zealand Search and Rescue Secretariat is modelled on the Canadian National SAR Secretariat and is comprised of a Secretariat Manager, Senior Advisor, a National SAR Support Programme (NSSP) Coordinator, an Assurance Coordinator, a Project Coordinator and a Training Coordinator.


The Secretariat is accountable to the NZSAR Council. It provides the Council with support services, policy advice, and assists in the coordination of Council strategy. The Secretariat supports the Council by:

  • maintaining NZSAR’s key documentation 
  • sustaining strong domestic and international SAR linkages 
  • monitoring New Zealand’s domestic and international SAR obligations 
  • responding to SAR issues as they arise 
  • providing relevant advice 

The Secretariat does not have an operational SAR role, nor does it oversee individual SAR delivery agencies. As part of its support for the NZSAR Council, the Secretariat provides leadership for the NZSAR Consultative Committee, which is a forum for all New Zealand based SAR stakeholders.

The Council, Secretariat and Consultative Committee work closely as a team. The Secretariat supports the processes of the Council and the Consultative Committee. The Secretariat also provides advice and support for the Council's external communications and media activity.

While the Secretariat provides administrative support to the Council and the Consultative Committee, it is in turn administered and accommodated by the  Ministry of Transport. Costs for the Secretariat are met directly from government.

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