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NZSAR Guidelines

NZSAR has prepared a series of guidelines in consultation with agencies and experienced members of the SAR sector. These guidelines are generic in nature, and can be used for either land or marine SAR. They are simply a guidance tool or a set of considerations that can prompt and assist good practice.

New Zealand's SAR Guidelines provide the single overarching repository for the guidelines for undertaking SAR operations in New Zealand, and are available here. The process for managing changes to these Guidelines is described in this document.

Guidelines that have been prepared by other agencies and are relevant for the SAR sector are also available.

File Name 
Air Ambulance Air Search and Rescue Standard (Apr2013).pdf View File
Emergency Communications Guidelines for Remote Activity Providers (Feb 2019).pdf View File
Land SAR Response Guidelines (July 2015).pdf View File
New Zealand's SAR Guidelines Change Process.pdf View File
NZSAR Flowchart - SAREX Planning (Oct 2013).pdf View File
NZSAR Guidelines - Avalanche Readiness Guidelines (Sep 14).pdf View File
NZSAR Guidelines - Evaluation (Oct 2013).pdf View File
NZSAR Guidelines - Readiness Planning (Oct 2013).pdf View File
NZSAR Guidelines - SAREX (Oct 2013).pdf View File


SAR-NET is a web-based collaboration tool, which has been purchased by NZSAR for use by the wider SAR sector. SAR-NET enables SAR people to connect and communicate via the internet. It supports video-conferencing, online meetings, infromation sharing, presentations, online training and the like. No software installation is necessary for most computers.

Guides for using SAR-NET are available by clicking on the links below.

File Name 
SAR-NET Additional Features following 2015 upgrade.pdf View File
SAR-NET Administrator Guide.pdf View File
SAR-NET Meeting Host Guide.pdf View File
SAR-NET Quick Connect Guide for Participants.pdf View File
SAR-NET Starter Guide.pdf View File

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