About the Awareness stage

Page updated: 27 November 2020

People involved in Awareness need to gather, record, and analyse information so they can plan the right response.

Awareness begins when a SAR coordinating authority learns about an incident that may require a SAR response

Awareness involves gathering and recording information about:

  • who the subject is
  • the subject's mental and physical condition 
  • where the subject might be (their location)
  • what the environmental conditions are at the subject's location
  • what the environmental conditions are on the way to the subject’s location
  • how urgent the incident is.

This information is essential in allowing the people involved in Awareness to create an Incident Action Plan.

Good information leads to good outcomes

Accurate and sufficient information is essential for a successful SAR operation. The more accurate the information, the more effective and successful the response will be. 

Urgency is essential

Gathering and evaluating information with urgency means a greater likelihood of:

  • finding and rescuing the subject in the shortest possible time
  • using any contribution the subject can make towards their own rescue while they’re still able.