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Concluding the operation

Page updated: 30 November 2020

If you're the Incident Controller, you need to complete a number of actions to conclude the SAR operation.

Talk to the subject's family

Let them know:

  • the condition of the subject
  • where the subject is.


Stand down SAR resources and monitor them

You need to make sure:

  • all SAR resources are stood down
  • SAR resources acknowledge the stand down
  • SAR resources' acknowledgement of the stand down is recorded
  • SAR resources are monitored until they have returned to an agreed point of safety.


Complete all records

Complete records so they follow either:

  • the policy of your SAR organisation
  • the agreements you have with other SAR organisations.

The records you need to complete include:

  • communication logs
  • records of the structure of the Incident Management Team
  • records of the tasking of SAR resources
  • records of how tasking was carried out
  • debriefs from SAR resources
  • records of clues including when and where they were found, who found them, and any deductions that were made about them
  • profiles of the subject
  • communications to SAR resources including the reference details for the incident so SAR resources can claim any pre-agreed reimbursement for their activities.

Use the appropriate form and system, and complete records within the correct period of time. Make sure details about the SAR operation are also entered into the record system for the SAR sector, SARdonyx.

If you decide subjects are not at risk, record evidence and rationale

If you find that a SAR operation is not necessary after it starts and you want to conclude the operation, you need to record:

  • the evidence you have that no response is needed
  • the rationale for downgrading the emergency phase and concluding the operation.

Record this information in SARdonyx.

If subjects have been located and moved, contact Victim Support services

Contact Victim Support Services if:

  • subjects have been moved to a point of safety but are likely to have been affected by trauma
  • subjects have suffered serious trauma or death, and families of the subjects need support.
Need to report someone lost or missing? call 111 - Ask for police