SAR Operational Support Overview

These documents and resources support the coordination and operation of search and rescue within the New Zealand Search and Rescue Region (NZSRR).

SAR operational support overview

Operational Framework

The Operational Framework provides a National Search and Rescue Plan for New Zealand for coordinating search and rescue services to meet domestic and international commitments.

This Operational Framework establishes the national framework for overall development, coordination, and improvement of search and rescue services within the New Zealand Search and Rescue Region.


New Zealand's Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS) establishes a framework of consistent principles, structures, functions, processes and terminology for response and transition to recovery.

NZ Police Manual - SAR

The SAR Chapter of the NZ Police Manual outlines the responsibilities and processes for the coordination of search and rescue by the NZ Police.

Nationally Significant SAR Framework

A search operation that has unusual features of scale, nature, intensity, or possible consequences may become a Nationally Significant SAR Operation.