Determining the Datum

This video describes the basics of determining the current position (Datum) of the target you are searching for.

More modules

  • Marine Search Area Determination

    • Marine Search Area Determination Introduction

      This section contains a series of short video clips for Marine Search Area Determination, broken down by task. 

    • Evaluating the Situation

      This video demonstrates facts and factors required when evaluating a marine SAR situation. 

    • Total Water Current

      This video describes the effect of water currents on a search object.

    • Leeway

      This video explains the effect of wind (Leeway) on a search object.

    • Ways to Define a Search Area

      This video highlights useful methods used to define Search Areas.

    • SARMAP

      This video demonstrates the use of computer modeling for Search Planning. It focuses primarily on software called SARMAP.

    • Multiple Winds and Currents

      This video describes the use of Multiple Winds and Multiple Water Currents information in Search Planning.