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Marine Search Area Determination Introduction

This section contains a series of short video clips for Marine Search Area Determination, broken down by task. 

You should work through the videos in order the first time you view to get the best results. When you have completed the set, feel free to take the optional quiz below to reinforce your learning.

Please watch this video first, as it provides an overview before considering other aspects in further detail.

More modules

  • Marine Search Area Determination

    • Evaluating the Situation

      This video demonstrates facts and factors required when evaluating a marine SAR situation. 

    • Determining the Datum

      This video describes the basics of determining the current position (Datum) of the target you are searching for.

    • Total Water Current

      This video describes the effect of water currents on a search object.

    • Leeway

      This video explains the effect of wind (Leeway) on a search object.

    • Ways to Define a Search Area

      This video highlights useful methods used to define Search Areas.

    • SARMAP

      This video demonstrates the use of computer modeling for Search Planning. It focuses primarily on software called SARMAP.

    • Multiple Winds and Currents

      This video describes the use of Multiple Winds and Multiple Water Currents information in Search Planning.

Need to report someone lost or missing? call 111 - Ask for police