Need to report someone lost or missing? call 111 - Ask for police


New Zealand's Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS) is the framework for consistent principles, structures, functions, processes and terminology for SAR agencies to apply in an operation.

This video describes CIMS incident facilties that may be required in an operational response.


More modules

  • SAR Response Management

    • SAR Leadership

      These resources provide information that supports leadership for a SAR operation.

    • Family Liaison

      The role of Family Liaison Officers and their interaction with family members plays an important part in SAR operations.

    • Investigative Interviewing

      Investigative interviewing is a fundamental skill for SAR personnel to obtain and complete, accurate and reliable information.

    • T-Cards

      T-Cards are a process and system record, account for and report the status of resources during a SAR operation.

    • Fatigue Guidance Note for Search and Rescue

      This guidance note is for the organisations in the search and rescue sector who train, develop, task, instruct, and direct people providing search and rescue expertise during a search and rescue operation (SAROP) or a search and rescue exercise (SAREX).

Need to report someone lost or missing? call 111 - Ask for police